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If you are spending more time on employee problems while trying to make sure your business is in compliance with a multitude of federal and state labor laws and regulations, Northwest Employee Relations (NERI) is the right service for your company.


NERI is a Mercer Island, WA based consulting firm assisting small to medium sized businesses address the complex issues of managing the human resources in your organization. Founded in 1981, the firm brings together a group of highly successful business executives and independent consultants. Our mission is to coach and help you create easy to understand programs and systems necessary to manage your human resources, all the while giving you more time to manage your business.


In today's difficult business environment, building your business is a full time job. Having to deal with the possibility of wrongful discharge suits, Americans with Disabilities Act legal action; local, state and federal agencies, and employees who constantly look for ways to test your policies, takes away from the time you need to create profits. Our job is to coach and help you create effective, easy to use HR and employee communications systems that protect your organization and increase employee satisfaction without wasting time, energy and money in defense of your policies and procedures.


At Northwest Emloyee Relations we pride ourselves in providing cost effective, efficient alternatives to the expense of hiring high-priced in-house expertise in small to medium sized companies before it is absolutely necessary. As your company grows, there will be a point when you will need an in-house expert. Prior to that, we can save you the high salary, employee benefits expense, increased taxes, and higher office space expenses. Northwest Employee Relations, Inc. will provide these services for a fraction of these costs.


If you are wondering how we can save you money, just phone us or use the email form on the Contacts page. We are glad to discuss our fees, who are clients are, and what we can do for you. The initial consultation is always complementary.


Northwest Employee Relations offers assistance

Services to small companies including: Employee Relations, Human Resource Consulting, Labor Negotiations, NLRB Elections, HR Compliance Audits, Employee Handbooks, Communication Systems, Benefit Statements, Salary Administration, and policies and procedures that will save you management time.


Our firm's mission is to be a knowledgeable advocate for our client's best interests; place business ethics above all other considerations; communicate all service fees up front; tailor our programs to the individual needs of each client; and to guarantee complete satisfied with our services.


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