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Employee Communications

Good employer/employee relations is the key to productivity, motivation, and profit. Good communication is the key to good employer-employee relations. When communication with your employees is a two-way process operating continuously and smoothly, the benefits to both company and employees can be tremendous.


No matter what you want to say, NERI can help. We plan introduction of new programs/projects, communicate changes in benefits or working conditions, script/coordinate video and slide shows, and create day-to-day interdepartmental communications systems.




Employee surveys can be efficient ways to gather information on employee attitudes, if they are handled properly. Questionnaires must be carefully designed and follow-up meetings held so that valid information moves from employees to management and from management to employees.


We develop a schedule and handle the survey process, from goals and questionnaire design to statistical analysis and writing announcements to employees. We also facilitate follow-up meetings with employees.


Focus Groups


Northwest Employee Relations? Focus Group process is our most powerful two way communications tool.  Our focus group process has been developed over thirty years to improve accountability, profitability, productivity and teamwork.  In the process, they also effectively diagnose and solve employee discontent.


Small groups of employees who meet with our facilitator to focus on a specific issue, often productivity. Afterward, a report, including recommendations for action, is written to management. Next, feedback meetings make sure employees have a prompt response. Finally, action taken as a direct result of the groups provides credibility and follow-through, and is publicized. These groups can defuse potentially explosive situations.  If handled improperly, however, they can turn into gripe sessions that serve no useful purpose.  If handled properly and conducted regularly (as seldom as once a year, as often as once a month) by an experienced facilitator, focus groups can improve productivity, morale, employee satisfaction, and profit.


The focus group report identifies potential litigation risks; why your employees enjoy working for the company; presents recommendations to meet your employee needs; helps you learn how your employees view leadership, and assesses any potential organizing risk.


Feedback Systems


We can design a system to keep your employees "plugged in" and help create the sense of belonging and recognition that is essential to any winning team effort. Payroll suffers, posted notices, newsletters, special events, suggestion recognition programs -- the information flow can take many shapes, depending on your needs and budget. What's important is not how much money you spend, but that the feedback be regular, useful, and in a form that has meaning to your employees.


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