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Employee Handbooks

If a company does not have its policies and procedures documented effectively, it has none! As award-winning employee communication specialists, we have prepared employee handbooks for many companies and organizations.

Custom Handbooks


We have planned and written custom handbooks for some of the largest organizations in the Pacific Northwest. We can help your company develop an employee handbook to protect your company from unwanted


Employee Handbook Package


We have developed an Employee Handbook Package that lets any size firm compile an employee handbook quickly and inexpensively--a handbook that will guarantee legal compliance, protect against employee lawsuit, and communicate vital information consistently.


The Handbook Package is designed for maximum flexibility. We select from several versions of each essential or "core" policy. We also include an array of optional policies. We work with you to minimize your time while preparing an Employee Handbook that best represents your company.


Policies are organized into an attractive, easy-to-read handbook with title page and table of contents. A preliminary draft is prepared for your review and approval. Finally, a master copy of your handbook is laser-printed, ready for duplication and presentation to your employees.


Your Satisfaction is Assured


Our reputation is based on satisfied clients. Because we want to help meet your human resource needs in the future, your satisfaction is important--so important, we guarantee it.


A Reminder


Resentment builds when policies are unwritten or unclear. The protection you need should be in place before it is needed; that protection begins with a properly prepared employee handbook. Our Handbook Package will help you complete a comprehensive handbook with minimal time, effort, and expense.


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