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The HR Help Line is like having a full-time human resource/labor relations professional on your staff at all times.



















Uncertainty can be costly, when it comes to our complex employment laws and regulations.

HR Coaching, Telephone Help Line

HR Coaching

In our HR Coaching program, we work with your company to tailor the program to the skill areas the coached individual needs to be effective in the organization. HR Coaching helps managers and employees make behavioral changes needed for growth.  Through the assessment process we work with the individual to define the competencies that are needed for that person to have impact on the bottom line.  Measure them.  Provide support for growth and change. Then measure again.


With HR Coaching, we don't bring the answer. We bring a system, a process for helping the client discover the answers.
HR Telephone Help Line

The Human Resource Help Line is designed for small to medium sized companies that may not have a full time Human Resource professional. In these companies, the head financial officer is often the executive in charge of HR and personnel matters. The executive in charge of personnel designates the individuals in the company that deal with personnel matters or HR problems or questions on a daily basis to be members of the Human Resource Help Line. Whenever these members have a question, they call us on our hot-line. During the business day, our goal is to answer these immediately, but at the most within two hours. Outside of the business day, we are paged and will respond as soon as possible.


The Human Resource Help-Line allows you to pick up the phone and call us when you have a problem or question. It's like having a full-time human resource or labor relations professional on your staff at all times.


Membership also entitles you to a ten percent savings on any billable service your may request.

Why should your company join the HR Telephone Help Line?

The most advantageous time to address employee relations or labor relations problems is when they come up.  If you are not sure how to handle a situation, we coach you through the problem.  By explaining your potential liabilities and methods of reducing those liabilities, we help you solve the problem and reduce any potential liabilities with the least cost solution. As an Human Resource Help Line member with unlimited no charge telephone consultation privileges, you can deal with employee relations problems on the spot because you will always have access to the best professional advice.


Through our blog, and timely newsletters, you will also be kept up to date on important changes that everyone who employs people should know about. We do the time-consuming sifting through current material for you and pass on to you only the important items that may affect your business.

What Does the HR Telephone Help Line Cost?

Our annual charge for membership is based on the total number of employees and number of branches in your company. 


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