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As a result of the current economic conditions in the US, negotiating fair contracts that both the Company  and Employees can live with is essential. 





We strongly believe there will be a strong organizing push comming within the next couple of years. 






Management needs to be prepared.

Labor Relations and Labor Contract Negotiations

Negotiating Philosophy


Our negotiation philosophy is the same as our philosophy in all other aspects of our practice: first we listen to our clients to help us determine their needs and objectives; then we tailor the negotiation program to meet those needs and goals. This may mean negotiating a labor agreement that takes advantage of corporate strengths or following a program towards eventual decertification.


Contract negotiation requires thorough preparation and research. Although we can and will recommend counsel for legal action on behalf of a client if necessary.  Litigation is only the last resort. Experience has taught us effective alternatives, most of which are far less expensive in the long run.


Our human resource experience means we understand the overall results of contract actions, and our financial experience means we understand the cost of every item in a contract. We know how a small change in a contract will affect benefits administration, for example, or what its effect on corporate communication or training programs is likely to be. We negotiate with the Company's overall policy and philosophy, and real consequences the contract will have on all sides in the negotiations in mind.

The Bottom Line


During the last three decades, Northwest Employee Relations has developed a reputation for negotiating tough, but fair contracts for our clients. We plan thoroughly, establish goals, develop a timetable, and follow through.  We have developed financial models to show you the cost of each item being negotiated.


It is not our belief that all companies can or should become nonunion. We do, however, think that all should review the possibility and assess the relative advantages and disadvantages of such action. In every case, we believe that intelligent and thorough planning is the key to successful negotiations. It is planning and attention to detail that has earned us our reputation and has allowed our clients to achieve their bargaining goals.


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